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Autumn 2019 Newsletter

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Our 5 Fields

Cultivating healthy neighborhoods is a bit complicated. At City Fields, we have managed to simplify things by focusing on 5 key areas. We call these areas our fields. All of these work together to make healthier communities.

Physical Revitalization

Creating places that are beautiful, safe, and more energy efficient.

Social Revitalization

Partnering with residents and local partners to bring the community together.

Economic Development

Connecting, job-ready candidates to viable employment opportunities.

Neighborhood Safety

Building relationships over the fence and across the street.

Leadership Development

Empower residents and identify goals for their community.

Blythe Oldfield Neighborhood Master Plan

Reconnect downtown to it’s oldest neighborhood. This plan will have positive economic and social impacts on the city.

Our Partners

We are committed to maximizing our impact by bringing together like-minded people, groups, and organizations to strategically invest in the community we serve.

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