Winter 2022

Community Collaboration

As we gain momentum on some big projects this year, we can’t forget the impact of this community’s support and collaboration. Thanks to you, we met our end-of-year fundraising goal in 2021 and will be able to cultivate overlooked people and places through our work at City Fields in 2022.

Thanks to American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding from the City of Cleveland and Bradley County Commissioners, we will be able to tackle some significant housing projects in the neighborhood this year. These projects will be reimbursed with these funds up to $800,000. Because of each faithful supporter, our housing and job training programs will expand and reach so many people. Thank you for believing in this work. Keep reading to see how you are already making an impact.

Holistic Revitalization

For the first time ever, we will renovate/build ten homes within one year. These photos give a sneak peek at some of the properties to be revitalized.

Neighborhood revitalization is more than just remodeling houses. Restoring the physical environment of a neighborhood shows residents that they live somewhere that’s worth investing in. It gives neighbors a greater sense of pride and dignity.

Investing in an overlooked place and transforming it into something beautiful changes the narrative for Blythe Oldfield and the people who live here.

Each home will be sold to low-moderate income families at an affordable price. Be on the lookout for updates on what these houses will look like in a few months!

"We're Going to Jail!"

Commercial driving training at the Bradley County Jail officially launched on January 11. In partnership with TriStar Trucking, Adult Education of Southeast Tennessee, and many other agencies, we are offering a 6-week CDL course via zoom to inmates at the Bradley County Jail. Students will obtain their commercial driver’s permit and 2 participants will be selected to work at TriStar Trucking after passing a written exam. This is an incredible opportunity for inmates and here’s why!

Why CDL Training at the Jail?

Post-release, folks have an incredibly hard time getting back on their feet. Oftentimes, they end back up in jail a few months later because they don’t know how to move from their release to stability. The jail is located on the edge of the neighborhood. When inmates are released they will often walk through Blythe Oldfield, unsure of what to do next.

We can’t reach every person who walks these streets, but we hope to make a dent in the recidivism rate this year in Bradley County. People face a lot of barriers when they are released, with job security being one of the top challenges.

With this training program, students will earn credentials before they are even released. Commercial drivers are not only in high demand, they are also well paid. The commercial driving industry is open to hiring those with criminal backgrounds.

Students will have both hope and the opportunity for a fresh start. We look forward to sharing some stories as these guys and girls graduate and are released.

The next homebuyer education workshop will be February 26, offered in both English and Spanish. The course covers everything from mortgages to homeowner’s insurance to understanding your credit report. Reach out to us at for more information.

Childcare volunteers for the homebuyer education workshop on Feb. 26 are needed! This is a wonderful opportunity to serve families working toward buying their own home. Email if you would like to volunteer. Background checks will be required.