Affordable Homeownership

Affordable and beautiful homes in a growing community

Homeownership Matters

Low-moderate income families deserve a chance at stability through decent and affordable homeownership.

When we began revitalizing the Blythe Oldfield neighborhood in 2014, only about 30% of homes were owner-occupied. In contrast, the average owner-occupied housing rate in Cleveland, TN is almost 50%.

When the majority of homes in neighborhoods are rentals, neighbors lose control over that area. Property owners may not invest the necessary resources in rental units to create a thriving community. 

That’s why we believe in homeownership. We hope to see Blythe Oldfield reach 50% resident-occupied homeownership. 

We sell to low-moderate income individuals and families who are either first-time homebuyers, public servants, or local resident renters. 

Homes Coming for Sale

How our home buying process works

1) Homebuyer Education

Attend a THDA home buyer education
workshop. Contact us to sign up.

2) Get Pre-Qualified

Select a lender and work one-on-one with a representative to get pre-qualified for a mortgage.

3) Shop For a Home

Available homes can be viewed above. We also regularly host Open Houses. We offer financial assistance based on income.

4) Make an Offer

The sooner you make an offer the better. Other buyers could be shopping for a home as well.

5) Close on Your Home

Meet new neighbors, get involved in the community, and enjoy turning your house into a home!

Ready to get started?
Sign-up for our next workshop!

Sold Homes

View homes that have been sold to low-moderate income families

Our Approach

When it comes to housing, we take our approach very seriously. Rapid revitalization is often used to describe a lot of positive changes in an area. However, rapid revitalization can often have unintended consequences. This quick process can cause rent and property taxes to increase to the point where existing residents can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood. As an organization, we are aware of this and are working to implement solutions to mitigate this problem by strategically restoring ownership back into the hands of the Blythe Oldfield community.

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