Successful Projects

Improving the Community

We work closely with the Blythe Oldfield Community Association to affect change in our neighborhood and all of our projects or activities correspond with one of our fields of work. Because we are seeking to help facilitate resident-led change, every project we work on gets input from the people of our neighborhood. We will communicate with residents dialogically – recognizing that they are ultimately the key to the revitalization process.


​​We want to see our neighborhood completely revitalized, and the Extreme Energy Makeover project is a huge step in our overall vision. Along with TVA, Cleveland Utilities, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Housing Authority, CLEAResult, and the Blythe Oldfield Community Association, we have provided whole home energy improvements to 413 homes in 18 months. ​The total investment topped $4.7 million in our community. ​So far the improvements have allowed our community to save over $214K on electric bills. This will have a lasting impact on residents lives.

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With the help of a $500,000 grant from NeighborWorks America, City Fields will renovate 4 existing homes and build 1 new home. This marks the beginning of a multi-year plan to renovate and build as many as 47 homes. This project is designed to encourage healthy community development by increasing homeownership.

Blythe Oldfield Playground

The community playground has long been a point of gathering for the neighborhood, but time had taken a toll on it. There was a need for significant improvements - not just on the playground but on its surroundings as well. Streets, sidewalks, and facilities all needed attention too. These improvements became necessary not only for safety purposes but also for the pride of the residents and the neighborhood. So we took action.

The new Blythe Oldfield playground was the result of a collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders. City Fields brought together representatives from the community, city leadership, local businesses, and local non-profits to build Cleveland's newest and best playground and park. With over $500,000 invested in the central part of the neighborhood, it has become a symbol of the future for the community.

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