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Transforming homes breathes new life into the neighborhood and ultimately transform people's lives.

Over the next few years, City Fields is committed to renovating and building around 50 homes in Blythe Oldfield. You may ask why are we doing this. The simple answer is we care. Research has shown that homeownership is key to stabilizing a community like ours. Other indicators help the community, and as an organization, we have worked in these areas for many years. However, homeownership is a significant component of healthy communities. In doing this, our goal is to move residents who are 

currently renting into homeowners. Our actions will increase the percentage of homeownership above renters, which will help the neighborhood. City Fields and partners work to acquire the right properties and find the right residents. We look to find existing renters and community leaders. Leaders help further stabilized the neighborhood. Additionally, City Fields helps provide home buying education to guide buyers through the process.

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Our Process

The process of increasing homeownership is a lot of work, but it breaks down pretty simply. We find properties in disrepair, and then we improve them. At the same time, we find renters who rent and educate them on home buying — often showing them that owning is cheaper than renting. Once the house sells, City Fields takes the funds from the sale and reinvests it into the next house. The cycle continues until we reach our goal.

"City government doesn't have the capacity to have the complex conversations with every resident, but with an organization like City Fields, they can connect one-on-one with people and build trust and help bring the needs of that neighborhood to the city."

Joe Fivas
City Manager - Cleveland TN

Blythe Oldfield Neighborhood Master Plan

A thoughtful plan to reconnect downtown Cleveland to it’s oldest neighborhood.

Blythe Oldfield, know to many as the neighborhood that built Cleveland has a rich industrial history. It was the first planned neighborhood and it provided homes to workers who carried the downtown manufacturing economy. However, Blythe Oldfield is physically disconnected from downtown. This is due to the railroad tracks and abandoned factory, 

which creates separation from the rest of the community. The purpose of the “Blythe Oldfield Neighborhood Master Plan” is to reconnect downtown to it’s oldest neighborhood. In doing this, creating new meaningful places for all Cleveland residents. This plan will have positive economic and social impacts on the city.

A Vision For The Future

With the support of the Lyndhurst Foundation, City Fields has teamed up with Michael Watkins, an accomplished architect, and urban designer, to develop a unified vision for downtown Cleveland. We have created a site dedicated to this project. Click the link below to visit the site and download the entire Blythe Oldfield Neighborhood Master Plan.

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Helping Residents Reduce Costs
Starting in 2016 we partnered with the TVA and Cleveland Utilities and invested $4.7M in our community.
Awarded $500K
With the help of this grant City Fields was able to renovate 4 existing homes and build 1 new home.
A Meeting Place
In partnership with local non-profits City Fields built Cleveland's newest and best playground and park.

Completed Projects

Since the beginning of our organization, we have been committed to working on projects that directly impact our residents. Luckily we have had the opportunity to work on numerous exciting projects that have had a positive impact on the neighborhood. Additionally, we have meet many great partners who believe in our community. These relationships have expanded our reach and overall impact.